Precision CeramicsDepartment

Precision ceramics are also called “structure ceramics” or “engineering ceramics”.They are excellent in strength, hardness, insulation, heat conduction, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance.Therefore, in very harsh working conditions,with the high stability and excellent mechanical properties.Precision ceramics consist of single or composite oxides or non oxides such as Al2O3,ZrO2,Si3N4,SiC,B4C and other ceramic materials.They are made into kinds of parts with special shapes and are widely used in Aerospace,Mechanics,Energy,Automobile and other high tech industries.

Alumina Ceramics

Technical parameters:

Compressive strength:2100MPaBending strength:330MPa
Thermal shock resistance :200∆T℃Max serve temp:1800℃

Zirconia Ceramics

Technical parameters:

Compressive strength:Bending strength:
Thermal shock resistance :Max serve temp:不详

Silicon Nitride Ceramics

Technical parameters:

Compressive strength:2000MPaBending strength:690MPa
Thermal shock resistance :600∆T℃Max serve temp:1700℃

Aluminum Nitride Ceramics

Technical parameters:

Compressive strength:N/ABending strength:382.7MPa
Thermal shock resistance :N/AMax serve temp:N/A

Silicon Carbide Ceramics

Technical parameters:

Compressive strength:2000MPaBending strength:410MPa
Thermal shock resistance :380∆T℃Max serve temp:1700℃

Boron Carbide Ceramics

Technical parameters:

Compressive strength:4100MPaBending strength:400MPa
Thermal shock resistance :N/AMax serve temp:1600℃


Technical parameters:

Compressive strength:N/ABending strength:190MPa
Thermal shock resistance :N/AMax serve temp:N/A

Macor(Glass Ceramic)

Technical parameters:

Compressive strength:345MPaBending strength:94MPa
Thermal shock resistance :N/AMax serve temp:800℃

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